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Engagement with Media

Hope Support recognises and understands the role of the media in reporting about news.  We will provide all reasonable assistance to journalists and media representatives in the creation and reporting of news.  Please click on the links below to email or call us.

Stories should:

  • Be fair and balanced and in the public interest

  • Respect the privacy of children and their families 

Legislative Responsibilities

People involved in the child protection system, including vulnerable children, have legal rights protecting their privacy.  Hope Support understands this may prevent the publication and distribution of:

  • Pictures or videos of young people, audio or print that may identify young people (e.g. name, school name, pictures, video footage)

  • Material which could disclose the locations of houses accommodating young people in care.  This would include showing pictures or video of any Hope Support Services property


In Queensland for example, the Child Protection Act (1999), section 189 prevents the publication of information about children and young people in care:


189 Prohibition of publication of information leading to identity of children


(1) A person must not, without the chief executive’s written approval, publish information that identifies, or is likely to lead to the identification of, a child as—

(a) a child who is or has been the subject of an investigation under this Act of an allegation of harm or risk of harm; or

(b) a child in the chief executive’s custody or guardianship under this Act; or

(c) a child for whom an order is in force.

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