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Our History

HOPE Support Services was founded in 2014 by four individuals who recognised a need to provide a service that focused on early intervention and Outreach work. 


Drawing on years of experience within the Community Services and Child Protection Sector, HOPE Support expanded it services to include NDIS Supports and Residential Care in 2018.


HOPE Support is now a Charitable Organisation that continues to provide support to Young People, Families, and NDIS Participants across Australia.


HOPE Support Services, Home, Outreach, Placement, Engagement, Support

HOPE is 'R.E.A.L'


HOPE Support Services uses its ‘R.E.A.L’ approach alongside the HOPE Adapted Integrated Framework to ensure that areas of concern are addressed in such a way that individuals feel empowered, and that strategies implemented are achievable and importantly, sustainable in an ongoing capacity.


The approach draws on years of ‘on the floor’ experience and is understanding of differing needs: socio-economical factors, cultural factors, physical, emotional, and relationship factors that need to be taken into account to develop plans that will be useful, but also maintainable.


Relationships are built between Hope Support Staff and the YP and\or Client/s through shared goals and open communication. Relationships are fostered in a positive way between family members by focusing on the strengths of each individual within the family or placement and what they positively contribute.



Hope Support Staff engage with YP and Clients within their home or environment (with outreach model) and participate in activities and routine to gain an understanding of pressures, areas of struggle, and provide assistance and guidance. Support is tailored to meet individual needs; with 24/7 support available.



As Hope Support Staff continue to provide support, they explore alternatives to use as coping strategies in times of stress, using situational opportunities to teach and assist learning. Hope Support Staff role model appropriate actions and look at proactive plans to avoid reactive responses.


Life skills:

Life skills are addressed across several domains including health, resilience, education\vocation and community networking. This can range from attending school, cooking, cleaning, parenting skills, through to seeking employment or how to fromulate a household budget. Hope Support Staff focus on what is relevant within the Tailored Support Plan or TSP.



Hope is... Progressive

We think outside the square to deliver innovative solutions, catering to individual circumstances and needs

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